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iOS applications on Windows

BuildFire. The highest reliability of this platform has already been confirmed by more than 30,000 customers who have implemented their applications in BuildFire. Mostly businesses, brands and influencers. This development environment is considered one of the leaders in the field of accelerated development of mobile applications.

Programs for developing iOS applications on Windows

In this section, we will consider solutions that allow you to program for iOS on a Windows system.

Genuitec MobiOne. The program works on the basis of HTML/JS and using the PhoneGap framework. Thus, programmers can develop applications in the Windows environment using the functionality of web technologies, and then run them through the Objective-C framework that responds to UIWebView actions.

Thanks to the latter, access to the standard features of iOS devices is provided. The frameworks are free, but you will need an Apple computer or laptop to test and compile.

Flash CS5.5. Flash CS5.5 in conjunction with Flash iPhone Packager solves the problem well. Using the packager for the iOS system, compiling applications is possible in a Windows environment. Flash iPhone Packager ensures compliance with the latest Apple standards. However, in this case, you should not count on the normal operation of applications with high hardware requirements (Papervision, for example).

An Apple computer will not be needed when developing an application with these tools. When asked whether it is possible to create applications in Flash for iOS in the absence of an official Adobe development environment, the answer will certainly be yes. Compilation is done with Flex. Packaged applications must comply with ASME guidelines.

Stonetrip S3D. This is not only a development environment, but also a game engine created for Windows. The LUA language is used here. You will need an Apple computer for both compiling and testing.

AirPlay SDK. The program allows you to develop and release 2D and 3D games for iOS on Windows. The solution is free of charge provided by independent developers.

Unity 3D. This editor, which also includes a game engine, uses Boo and C# programming languages. This makes it possible to work under both Windows and Mac.

Appcelerator Titanium. Not a bad solution, which is supported by a fairly large and active community. To create applications, HTML / JS web technologies are used here, so high performance from a computer is not required. Compiled applications can be uploaded to the AppStore in a standard way.

Dragonfire SDK. This interesting product allows you to develop applications with your own SDKs in a Windows environment. After that, it remains to upload the source code for compilation to the platform server and download the ready-made iOS application in one file. The only condition for such an operation: the Ultimate version is required. The product has a high-quality simulation of the application.

A few more interesting solutions could be added to this list, but they are either completely paid or are still in development at the testing stage. A significant part of the products being developed are essentially simplified versions of the Dragonfire SDK.

That is, it is supposed to be possible to create iOS applications on a Windows system by compiling the developer’s source code. Of the solutions listed above, the free Airplay SDK program has the richest functionality.

iOS App Development Cost

The final cost of developing an iOS application is affected not only by the feature set, but also by many other factors. The amount will depend, among other things, on assistance with the preparation of documentation, on the complexity of the design, on the need to develop the server part, and on the availability of technical support.

iOS App Development Cost

iOS App Development Cost

And yet we will try to determine how much it costs to develop an application for iOS, at least approximately, depending on the required characteristics.

A standard offline application with the simplest functionality (for example, a business card): price range – 150-450 thousand rubles, average completion time – 1 week.

An application that involves interaction via the Internet with the server part (message moderation, filling the site with content, etc.): price range – 450-950 thousand rubles, average completion time – 2-3 weeks.

Chatbot or interactive assistant: estimated cost — 1 million rubles, average completion time — 1 month.

An application that implements the IoT principle (for example, to communicate with other devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi): price range – 1-1.5 million rubles, average completion time – 1.5 months.

Messenger: price range – 1.5-2.5 million rubles, average completion time – 2 months.

An application that implements augmented and virtual reality technologies: price range – 1.8-2.5 million rubles, average completion time – 2 months.

Applications for the provision of services (delivery of products, ordering a taxi, interaction with couriers, etc.): price range – 2-3 million rubles, average completion time – 2 months.

Online stores and product catalogs with search, discount mechanics, acquiring and a personal client account: estimated cost – 2 million rubles, average completion time – 2 months.

Applications for social networks, different in functionality: price range – 2-4 million rubles, average completion time – 3 months.

Corporate applications integrated with many other services, with high requirements for information protection and data security: the most expensive segment of mobile software to develop.

In conclusion, we warn future developers that creating an application for mobile platforms is not as trivial as it might seem. Many important details are revealed already in the process of active use of the product. And work on the application will continue. You need to be ready for this.